041124CM0908SPRINGFIELD – To secure a border scope of accountability for protecting human rights, State Senator Mike Simmons advanced legislation to extend the deadline for filing human rights violations in the workplace and public accommodations.

“Extending the statute of limitations for filing civil rights violations is crucial for violations that are traumatizing,” said Simmons (D–Chicago). “It provides a path to relief for those who have been harmed.

Under Simmons' new legislation, Senate Bill 3310, the deadline for filing and seeking redress for a civil rights violation in employment and public accommodations will be extended from three hundred days to two years. The legislation stems from discussions with the National Employment Lawyers Association aimed at restoring workers' rights. This new law will further eliminate the need for Illinois workers to initiate legal action in the court system giving them ample time to establish stability for filing a claim while cutting down on litigation.

“Three hundred days can be an inadequate amount of time for a person to process the trauma and pain that can stem from a human rights violation,” said Simmons. “By extending the timeline that one could file a complaint, this will allow folks time to understand and process if their rights have been violated, and move forward with enough time for their complaint to be addressed.”

Senate Bill 3310 passed the Senate and now heads to the House for further consideration.