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Dear Neighbor,

As the Spring 2024 legislative session is now underway, this past week in Springfield was fast-paced and energizing. I am continually honored to represent the needs of 7th District constituents in Springfield, and excited to share with you the legislation I am moving through the Senate. Just this week, in direct response to the horrific CTA Yellow Line incident last November, I passed Senate Bill 3451 through the Senate Transportation Committee. Senate Bill 3451 will mandate annual reports from the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Regional Transit Authority, the Chicago Transit Authority and Metra detailing federal rail safety recommendations made to them by the National Transportation Safety Board and progress toward implementation.


On Tuesday, I passed Senate Bill 3297 through the Health and Human Services Committee, which will lower the age of eligibility for the Housing is Recovery pilot program from 21 years old to 18 years old. This bill is directly informed by community partners and constituents who have told us many young people age out of programs and services when they turn 18, putting them in limbo for additional support services until they turn 21. This can put young people at risk for even worse outcomes, such as further substance abuse and incarceration. By lowering the eligibility age to 18, we can help more young people when they need it most, and prevent future instability.
Additionally, I passed Senate Bill 3784 through the Senate Public Health Committee. Senate Bill 3784 takes a critical step in de-stigmatizing sexual health and amends the title of the “Illinois Sexually Transmissible Disease Control Act,” to be the “Illinois Sexually Transmitted Infection Control Act.” Additionally, the Act will include human papillomavirus and Mpox within the updated definition of sexually transmitted infections.

I remain steadfast in passing the Let America Read Act, my bill which will end the banning of books in Illinois, as well as creating a permanent state-level Child Tax Credit, expanding human rights for workers and seniors, eliminating barriers to healthcare and housing, and advancing transit sustainability, safety, and equity. Please see below full details on my top legislative priorities!

To close, for the last week of Black History Month, my staff and I attended a Black-Owned Business Networking event hosted by the Uptown Chamber of Commerce, a Black-Owned Business Fair at Jordan Community School in Rogers Park highlighting the beautiful diaspora of Black and African-American owned businesses in Rogers Park, and I was invited to keynote a powerful Black History Month assembly hosted by the mighty, student-led Black Student Union at McPherson Elementary in Ravenswood. I also hosted an event at our district office in honor of Black History Month— my inaugural “In Conversation with Senator Simmons,” a roundtable discussion with Black community leaders from the 7th District about Black identity, excellence, and our hopes for the future. It was a jubilant and uplifting end to February, and I am still riding high from the amazing leadership, conviction, and history shared with me and my office during these events!

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Mike Simmons
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Legislative Updates
State Senator Mike Simmons

Spring 2024 Legislative Priorities

I am fighting hard for the 7th District in Springfield! It has been a whirlwind of a week, and I am proud to share that I have already been able to make headway in passing timely, needed legislation on behalf of our district. Below is a full overview of what has happened so far. You can always track and follow what is happening in the Capitol through the Illinois General Assembly website,

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